Products developed by 1 EN are often associated with the need for a non-standard and simple solution for business-critical processes. Such as, for instance, transparent fleet management, prevention of premature wear and tear of vehicles, unauthorized loading and unloading, or severe penalties for overloading.

Research has revealed a lack of simple solutions on the market, which can be installed by a driver within 3-7 hours, have an easy-to-use interface, ensure an accuracy of measurements of over 98% and will help to use the huge array of data accumulated in the system for the benefit of the business.

1 EN R&D Center has developed a unique on-board weighing system that determines the axle load of the truck or the road train, the total weight and the weight of the cargo.

The development process took 1 year, during which a data management system was added to the technological base. We have provided options for secure storage of calibration data for each item and developed analytical tools that enable you to use your fleet efficiently.

Native software allows you to use the minimum possible number of sensors, thus reducing installation and operation costs.

The main principle of 1EN – no vendor lock – today opens the possibility of integration with various trackers (terminals) and platforms of the cloud service.

Who is the target user of the system?

Thanks to the fact that the system is designed to be installed on any car with any number of axles, the commissioner of the development, the company “New Engineering Technologies”, has already installed the Nettruck system on more than 25,000 cars of its customers.

The clients are logistic, construction and road companies, utilities, mining and processing companies, owners of agricultural machinery and even private entrepreneurs.

What is included in the hardware and software system designed by 1EN R&D center?

− programmable module (controller), 70x30x60 mm, located in the truck cab

− 1 (sometimes 2) additional computing module (digital microcontroller) for receiving, digitizing and transmitting data from pressure sensors to the controller.

− sensors (pressure transducers) fitted in a high-strength frost-resistant plastic housing with the degree of protection IP-67.

− mobile application for entering vehicle parameters, calibration data, as well as for monitoring weight parameters.

How does it work?

An onboard controller with touch screen is installed in the driver's cabin. Readings of the Nettruck sensor that measures pressure in the pneumatic springs or in the air pressure line of the car, are displayed on the screen of the controller. The driver immediately receives notifications about overload on any of the axles – and a weighty argument in disputes with the employees of the weight check stations. The owner of the vehicle can track the axle load distribution, the total weight of the car and the weight of the cargo online in real time mode and receive service support by phone 24\7.