The 1 EN team of analysts, engineers and development experts provides R&D outsourcing services to small and medium-sized enterprises that save company's resources and choose to stay focused on their core activities. 1 EN is engaged in research and development of innovative competitive solutions. We work with large companies that seek to strengthen their internal resources via open innovations.

1 EN portfolio contains numerous cases of commercially successful implementation. Until recently R&D work of the Center was exclusively geared towards the purposes set out by Original Group, which pursued a range of diverse projects.

The first product of the company, Original Track & Trace, created in 2006, has developed into a full-fledged product life-cycle management system (from raw materials to marketing communications).

An example of the most recent products developed by the engineering office is the Track & Trace system for labeling medicines, known to the market under the name iTrack (L1-L4 software) and Qubi (serialization and aggregation equipment). In 2015, before the legislative initiatives, Original Group became the first Russian company to create a Track & Trace system for Pharma, offering R-PHARM an analogue of the European labeling system for protection against counterfeiting (software and business processes).

As pilot projects in the pharmaceutical industry were implemented, customers came to appreciate 1 EN expertise in the development of industrial solutions, and orders were placed for the development of software and industrial equipment not related to Track & Trace. Among the first were the orders for non-standard case packers, high-precision conveyors, plastic bag labelling systems. A contract was also signed to tool up a large production line with fully individual equipment.

Recognizable products designed by 1 EN and popular in the Russian business community:


· Qubi

· QubI.Industrial

· Net Truck


· Call Traffic

· iAction

Software and PAAS and SAAS systems

· iTrack

· iGuarg

· Original