Advantages of R&D Outsourcing

The main reasons for choosing the 1 EN R&D Center for collaboration are based on 4 principles of business sustainability:

Economic efficiency. Production costs of 1 EN for implementation of any R&D project (including teams interaction costs) are less than the in-house production costs of the client.

Value of resources and competencies. 1 EN provides not only access to the best set of rare skills and competencies, but also opportunities for collaborative learning and sharing knowledge based on experiences that are difficult to transfer. This practice has a positive impact on the innovative efficiency of the customer.

Ensuring independence and security of the business. Competent integration of 1 EN with the in-house R&D, ideology similar to the “no vendor lock-in”, as well as a developed system of transfer and protection of intellectual property unburdens 1 EN partners of the necessity to seek additional professional competences and capabilities in their further work on the project.

Organizational identity. Common management experience, approaches, opinions, views, business processes and organizational traditions enhance the speed of penetration and development of ideas and diffusion of innovation within the R&D process. Extensive practical experience of 1 EN in product implementation and the ability to adapt to the business logic and processes of our partners make it possible for us to reduce the costs of project management (time and cost of coordination, the amount of communications between external and internal teams, information exchange system, negotiation practice, monitoring).

1 EN is a 100% Russian company, which gives the Сenter a number of competitive advantages (including over the R&D services provided by specialists from China and India):

· Russian education system is traditionally strong in the fundamental sciences and mathematics, so Russian programmers are well prepared to solve complex problems and are capable of algorithmic thinking in design.

· Payroll costs of programmers and engineers with similar training is almost 70% lower than in the US or the EU.

· The Russian labor market is much more stable than the Indian, which results in low staff rotation (below 10% per year versus 20-25% or higher in India)

· Russian business culture and communication culture are closer to the US and Europe than Asian culture.

· Proven system of intellectual property rights protection (especially compared to China).

· Relative convenience and better cost of travel.

· Convenient time zone overlap (3-5 hours due to later working hours practiced by Russian partners).

· Successful cases of leading companies moving their R&D to Russia


“If you have something impossible, give it to the Russians” (c) Steve Chase, former President of Intel Russia.

Combine your ideologies and merge your efforts!