Custom development: software, SAAS and PAAS systems

1 EN engineers and programmers solve a range of tasks related to the development of specialized software solutions and deep integration with information systems of foreign suppliers.

1 EN provides a full cycle of custom software development, from requirements analysis and drawing up a technical specification up to the development of documentation and implementation of the system in the customer's infrastructure.

Our practices:

Deployment of software on the customer's IT infrastructure (on-premises software) to minimize the risks of data leakage or business process interruption due to data unavailability as a result of a conflict between the provider and the customer.

SAAS (Software as a Service). Our experts develop Web applications suited for a large number of remote users. You rent the solution and access the software over the Internet, but you do not need to buy a license for the software, monitor the status of the equipment, or handle software updates. We provide technical support, updates and upgrades. Payment is made at a fixed monthly rate or per volume of transactions.

PAAS (Platform as a Service). We provide you with access to various operating systems, technologies and software that enables interaction of various applications, components and systems; to database systems and their controllers; to various testing tools or development tools that are hosted on cloud servers. You use the platform, install applications, test them, operate, change the consumption of computing resources or their quantity. You pay for the service per hour of operation of various consumer applications, amount of data passed, volume of operations on data, or network traffic or consumption level.