1 EN R&D Center

Nowadays the contract R&D market and respective consulting are developing lightning fast. Businesses are investing more and more in R&D expertise, without trying to reinvent the wheel by creating their own R&D centers that require an extensive array of non-core knowledge, specific skills, dedicated software and equipment.

The term ‘consulting’ has largely lost its credibility. More often than not it is associated with superficial or simplified approach, highbrow strategies, not based on reality, and a lack of responsibility for the result. The same is true for the concept of ‘outsourcing’. The difference being that the main risk of outsourcing lies in the misalignment of the business processes of the two companies, the customer and the outsourcer, and as a result, inability to build your own philosophy of R&D.

That is the reason why 1 EN pioneered a fundamentally new form of partnership: R&D collaboration, which implies expertise and knowledge exchange, peer learning and a stable team.

The name of the 1 EN (ONE EN) R&D Center was born back at the time when the entire center consisted of five people. It was derived from the challenging line that was chosen of the developers as their motto: THE FIRST ONE IN ENGINEERING.

1 EN provides support and transfer of knowledge of the state-of-the-art technologies, strictly in compliance with international standards, evaluates commercial prospects and economic sustainability of the developments.

Integration of experience and expertise of the best analysts, engineers and developers of the 1 EN R&D Center gives a forward momentum to the business, boosts R&D intensity of the project, reduces time to market and saves resources.

1 EN makes the budget and timing of an R&D project predictable. Collaboration with the 1 EN R&D center reliably requires less investment than creating an internal R&D team. The development methodology that we adhere to at 1 EN significantly reduces the time to market and enables the customer to focus on their regular strategic objectives.